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Editoria is a melting pot filled with key design elements. Ingredients such as the right editorial illustrations, graphic, typography and easy-to-the-eye layouts contribute to a successful and effective communication in the visual world.


The Brite Collection

The Brite Series carries a collection of high-end products and consumables for the Indonesian printing industry. The company, PT Sinar Graphindo, has a wide network of distribution of high-end printing supplies and materials that spread along the archipelago of Indonesia. It is a strong domestic brand that has a strong presence in the domestic market, meeting stringent demands of supplies to the already-saturated printing market.

Changing Paths, Affirming Lives

The Tung Ling Bible School took the initiative to rebrand the institution as the premier non-denominational Bible School in Singapore. The dove remains as the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The wings symbolises turning pages of the Word, or Bible. And the left wing, which shaped like the fire, is the advancing momentum of every graduating students to the harvest fields. And the tagline says it all.

Poetree | The Fragrance Business

Poetree, a local brand fragrance company was tasked to produce uniquely Singapore products. Teamed up with Sampan.Co, Poetree came out with products or fragrance that quickly became top 5 products to covet for during the SG50 celebration.

Hunters' Kitchenette | The Better Nut Butter Company

Based on the Paleo dietary system, the people at The Hunters’ Kitchenette seems to find a creative way to eat your Nut Butter. Their Nut Butter powers kicks in the minute you consume them, waste no time burning those calories.

Loji Hotel | Budget Hotel in Solo, Surakarta, Indonesia

In the relatively mid-sized town of Solo, in Surakarta, Indonesia, a businessman decided to start his new budget hotel venture, heavily brand-centric. The hotel was sold to a bigger hotel chain within 2 years. #powerofbranding

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